Some of you may have noticed that rewards were not quite as high in the last epoch (643).

Harmony were updating nodes and it caused the speed of shard 3 to go from a nice 2 seconds to 5 seconds.

What does this mean to you?

What does this mean to the validator?

How did this affect me (Fortune)?

I thought it would be a good idea to update everyone about roughly what you should be expecting from your returns from ALL validators right now ( as of 12–7–2021 ). I will be using two factors that greatly affect this:

Good day all

Many of you are aware of the recent harmony network issues which has affected all validators. For those that don’t, harmony network has had an exponential increase in traffic which has resulted in a massive spike in bandwidth for validators to process.

As a result a 0% fee is no longer sustainable due to the excess charges on top of normal server costs.

Fortune will be moving to a 5% fee to help cope with the server operating costs and to maintain the quality you have all been used to.

All validators will also be required to…

As the latest update to Chrome ( chromium version 91 ) is being rolled out, it has unfortunately removed support for U2F connections. In short this renders Chrome unable to see the ledger when connected.

Upcoming Fix:

Harmony are aiming towards implementing the same fix as MetaMask —
It has been marked as Urgent on their developer To-Do list.

Short Term Fix:

Some of you may wish to have access today rather than wait for Harmony. Good news is there is a temporary workaround.

For those who had the graphic display bug on the wallet an update is now available to fix this. If you cannot wait for the automatic roll out please follow this guide to force update:


Step 1: Open Extensions Tab

Step 2: Turn on Developer Mode — this will pull three new buttons

Step 3: Click Update

I previously wrote an FAQ which was well received, however there are a few more statements I’m coming across from my time running Fortune.ONE validator that need some clarification.

1) Validators unusually high % is legit

True & False — My Validator, Fortune.ONE was one of these high % so I can explain from experience. There is a very rare occurrence were a validator can be elected with less than the required stake. This results in a high rewards % for the epoch in which they are elected. The ONLY people who can benefit from this high % are those already staked before the epoch began. Once…

During my time running Fortune.ONE Validator these are common questions I’m asked and thought it might be helpful to share.

1. What is an Epoch?

This is a measure of time that Harmony uses. Currently at 18–24 hours and you will see this referenced within staking.

2. Do my rewards start straight away?

No, they start on the next Epoch. You could could be waiting 0–24 hours depending on when you staked.

3. Minimum Requirement

100 ONE ( Mobiles pending updates for support ).

4. How do I stake?

You need to move your ONE to a compatible wallet. More info below.

5. Can I use my mobile to stake?

Yes. The most common app is Blits Wallet, followed by Guarda Wallet.

6. Can I use my computer to stake?

Yes. You can use the ONE…

As staking is becoming more popular to earn passive income and with the many variations to do so, I thought it would be a good idea to publish a guide on staking with the hardware wallet “Ledger Nano S”

Step 1: Setup your hardware wallet

Step 2: Activate the Harmony One Wallet

Harmony ONE wallet requires a few extra steps to…


Fortune.ONE Validator on the Harmony mainnet

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