Harmony Blits Wallet Staking Guide

1) Download Blits

Please search your app store for the Blits Wallet. Direct links can be found here: https://blits.net

2) Click ‘Create Wallet’ Or ‘Recover Wallet’.

If you already have a 12 word seed phrase then click ‘Recover Wallet’ and enter your information. This will reocver your wallet. If this is a fresh setup and you would like a new wallet then click ‘Create Wallet’.

3) Enter Pin

This will create a security pin that is used before any transactions are made. After inputting your Pin, you can select if you would like to use Touch ID, Face ID etc for quicker access.


You will be required now to write down your 12 words. Do so with a pen and paper. Do not copy or save these onto your computer. Click next and you will be asked to enter these back in the same order as a security measure to make sure you copied them down correctly. Please check spelling!

5) Congratulations you now have full access to your own private wallet.

6) Send funds to your wallet.

Please click on the Receive button. This will give you your address, QR code and a copy button. I find using the copy button the most efficient for use on all other exchanges and wallets.

7) Staking

The part you have all been waiting for! Please click the ‘Staking’ button to be presented with a randomly ordered list of validators. For demonstration purposes I will use my own validator as an example. You may use the search button at the top to select a specific validtor of your choice.

8) Confirm stake and claim rewards

To confirm your stake you must visit the portfolio page. this can be found by clicking again on the staking button followed by Portfolio at the top right.

Other Guides:

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