Harmony ONE Staking With A Ledger Nano S/X

6 min readApr 21, 2021


As staking is becoming more popular to earn passive income and with the many variations to do so, I thought it would be a good idea to publish a guide on staking with the hardware wallet “Ledger Nano S/X”. If you need any assitance on the below guide please contact me here.

Step 1: Setup your hardware wallet

You now have two options:

  1. Use the Nano Harmony One App ( Go to Step 2)
  2. Utilise MetaMask for staking your ONE. ( Go to Step 4)

Note: Either option is a viable solution. It will now come down to personal preference.

Step 2: Activate the Harmony One Wallet

Harmony ONE wallet requires a few extra steps to activate on your ledger

  • Firstly open your Ledger Live app and select the Manage tab.
  • Next, sign in with your ledger using the pin you created on setup and allow the connection.
  • You will now need to turn on Developer features. Do so by clicking on the settings icon at the top right.
  • From here click the Experimental features followed by checking the Developer Mode.

The Harmony One wallet is now ready to be installed.

  • Go back to Manager and open the App Catalog. Find Harmony App in the list of apps. Use the search bar for a quick search. Then click Install.

Step 3: Connect your ledger to the Harmony Staking Portal

  • Close the Ledger Live app — Leaving this running may cause problems when signing into the staking portal.
  • Run the Harmony app on your Ledger device itself — it will now say its ‘Waiting for commands’ or ‘Application is ready’.
  • Visit https://staking.harmony.one/ledger to sign in with your Ledger. You need to make sure to to confirm any popups on your browser to allow the connection.
  • Now you will be signed into the staking portal ready to send funds and stake

Ledger App setup is complete. Please move to Step 9

Step 4: Activate Etherium App

Activating the Etherium app will allow MetaMask support.

  • Firstly open your Ledger Live app and select the Manage tab.
  • Next, sign in with your ledger using the pin you created on setup and allow the connection.
  • Under the App Catalogue select and install the Etherium app.
  • You can now close down the Ledger Live app on your desktop.
  • Open the Etherium app on your ledger and it will present you with a message saying ‘Waiting for commands’ or ‘Application is ready’.

Step 5: Download MetaMask

Step 6: Setup MetaMask

  • If you are new to MetaMask then you must first create a ‘dummy wallet’. Due to MetaMask limitations you can import a wallet such as a ledger until you already have an open MetaMask wallet. Don’t worry though, the newly created MetaMask wallet and your imported Ledger Wallet are not linked. Its purely a User Interface limitation.
  • As soon as you have created the dummy wallet, click on the MetaMask icon, followed by your User Icon at the top right. On the dropdown please select Connect Hardware Wallet.
  • Now choose Ledger and Continue. Chome will recognise your device. It will prompt you to choose a Ledger account that you would want to connect to MetaMask. Choose one and record the address for future reference.

Step 7: Add Harmony Network

  • A full guide from the harmony docs can be found here but I will break it down for you below.
  • Click on the network dropdown (top center). It will likely already say Etherium Network.
  • Click on Add Network and enter the following information.
  • Network Name: Harmony Mainnet
  • New RPC URL: https://api.harmony.one
  • Chain ID: 1666600000
  • Currency symbol (optional): ONE
  • Block Explorer URL (optional): https://explorer.harmony.one/
  • Click Save.
  • You will now see the Harmony Network in the dropdown at the top. Make sure this is selected to be able to 1) see you assets and 2) interact with the harmony blockchain.

Step 8: Sign Into Staking Portal

  • Visit staking.harmony.one and click Sign In at the bottom left. Next select Use An Existing Address followed by Use MetaMask Wallet. Alternatively you can use this link to go direct to the correct page.
  • You will be prompted to select your chosen account on MetaMask popup, make sure to choose the ledger account.

Step 9: Fund your Wallet

You now need to fund your newly created wallet with ONE.

  • With the staking website open and signed in you can click the top left address to automatically copy your public address for your Harmony Wallet.
  • This is the address you must use when sending funds from the likes of Binance exchange or another wallet. You can confirm your balance within the Portfolio tab under your address.

Step 9a (optional): Using MetaMask extention directly to Send and Receive ONE

As we are using an etherium based wallet your default address is in the 0x format. Luckily the harmony.explorer.one allows you to convert this to a ONE address. For more information please click the link to the official docs. For a simple breakdown please see below:

Sending to Metamask from an exchange or third party wallet

You need to aquire the ONE version. Paste the 0x Metamask address into explorer and then click the ONE tab at the top. You will see the address convert itself to the ONE format. Copy this into your origin wallet. Please send a test amount first.

Sending from Metamask to an exchange or third party wallet

You need to aquire the 0x version. Paste the exchange ONE address into explorer and click the ETH tab at the top. Copy this address into Metamask and make sure that the gas is set to 30 gwei on Metamask. Please send a test amount first.

Step 10: Stake your ONE

Now the moment you have been waiting for — staking your ONE.

  • Click on the Validators tab on the left and choose your desired validator. It is wise when choosing a validator to make sure they are active on social media accounts and accessible should you require it. This helps give you the confidence that they are doing their upmost to keep the rewards the best they can be.
  • I run the Fortune.ONE staking pool of which at the time of writing this article has circa 13 million staked over 440 happy delegates. Here is the direct link: https://staking.harmony.one/validators/mainnet/one1v0n7nw6c4fe88xnuasr0d65luult0fvclvvxmf
  • Once you have chosen your Validator click to view their individual page.
  • Click the blue delegate button to stake your ONE. Do NOT send your funds directly to the wallet address. I have sent back thousands of ONE so far to those who have done this incorrectly. You will always get it back with me but if you click the Delegate button there wont be any issues.
  • Tap in the desired amount to stake and click confirm.
  • MetaMask Users: Confirm on MetaMask popup as well.
  • Finally confirm the transaction on your Ledger as well for that added security you paid for.

Congratulations! You have successfully staked your Harmony coins and will now be receiving rewards every 2 seconds from the next epoch.


Problem: The popup box disappears before the ledger is asked to confirm the transaction.

Fix: Sign out and back in again. This will fix it 99% of the time.

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Fortune.ONE Validator on the Harmony mainnet