Harmony One Wallet Guide

1. Download browser.

2. Download the wallet.

3) Create your account/wallet on the One Wallet.

  • Enter a name for your wallet (This is a nickname and can be whatever you want it to be)
  • Click Next: Enter a password for your wallet. Don’t forget this as it will be required when making transactions such as to another wallet or staking.
  • Seed Phrase — THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP. Write this down on pen and paper. Don’t save this to a file on your computer. Double check your spelling. This is the ‘key’ to your wallet should you ever need to import your account again in the future.
  • Click Next: You will now be prompted to enter the seed phrase as a confirmation.
  • Click Next: Enter a pin. This will be used to open your wallet each time you reopen your browser. It stops anyone who gets access to your computer being able to play around on your wallet.
  • Your wallet has now been created. Congratulations! You will now be presented your balance, wallet address and wallet name.

3a) Optional: test your seed phrase

4) Top your wallet up

5) Link your wallet to the staking site

  • Go to the harmony staking page. https://staking.harmony.one
  • Click Sign in ( bottom left ). If you don’t see this, then please zoom out on your browser.
  • Click ‘Use an existing address’
  • Click ‘Use Harmony One Wallet’
  • Click ‘Sign In’ — blue button
  • You will now be prompted to choose your Account on the One Wallet.
  • Your wallet and the staking page are now linked!! You can confirm the link by click the Portfolio tab on the left. This will show you a summary of your wallet, staked, unstated, rewards etc.

6) Choose your validator

7) Stake

8) Confirm stake

9) Collect Rewards

10) Top up your stake

Other points

  • Rewards will start to accrue on the next epoch after you stake (between 0–24hrs time)
  • Unstaking will take 7 epochs to complete before the coins are unlocked.

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