Import Into One Wallet Chrome Extension

Step 1: Seed Phrase or Private Key

Step 2: Install One Wallet Chrome Extension

Step 3: Import your wallet

  • Click the wallet icon and then along the top of the extension click ‘Import’.
  • You will now be presented with a dropdown and a textfield.
  • If you are using a seed phrase then make sure you choose ‘Mnemonic’ from the dropdown. Enter your 12 words, all lowercase and a single space between each word. Please double check spelling.
  • If you are using a private key then select this from the dropdown and enter the key.
  • Click ‘Import’ and give your wallet a nickname, password and pin code.

Step 4: Access your stake

  • Visit to sign in with your new One Wallet. Confirm the wallet on the popup to allow access.
  • Now that your wallet is connected to the staking site you can view your existing portfolio by clicking the ‘Portfolio’ tab on the left or by clicking this link:
  • Under the Portfolio page you will be able to claim your rewards and view your delegations.
  • Upon claiming you will need authorise the transaction on your one wallet popup after clicking ‘claim’.

Step 5: Stake with a validator

  • Click on the validator tab on the left hand side. You can now search for a validator or order by uptime, returns etc.
  • Choose a validator and click on their name to view the individual validator page for more information.
  • Click on the ‘Delegate’ button ( see below ) to stake. Enter the amount and confirm with the wallet when it pops up.


  • Sign out ( bottom left )
  • Clear cache
  • Restart Browser
  • Sign in

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