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7 min readFeb 1, 2022


With the arrival of MetaMask Staking compatibility I have put together a guide to get you going. This will cover both Desktop and Mobile versions. It will also cover setting up a new wallet or importing an existing wallet.

If you need any assitance on the below guide please contact me here.

Step 1: Download Metamask

  • Desktop: Visit on your web browser to download.
  • Mobile: Use your mobile app store to find ‘MetaMask’.

Create or Import

You now need to either create a new wallet ( new address ) or import your existing wallet into MetaMask. To import a new wallet from another wallet such as Blits etc please go Step 2b. If you wish to create a brand new wallet please continue onto Step 2a.

Step 2a: Create Wallet

  • Desktop: Run the extension from the top right of your browser. You may need to click on the jigsaw icon and then pin the icon.
  • Mobile: Open the recently downloaded app.
  • Click on Getting Started, followed by Create a Wallet and finally Agree.
  • Enter your desired password and accept the Terms of Use.
  • You will now be presented with a short video and important information on how to keep your wallet safe. Click Next when you are ready.
  • Write down your Secret Recovery Phrase ( also known as Seed/Mnemonic Phrase). Please use a Pen and Paper only and store them in a safe place.
  • Repeat the words back into the wallet and click Next.
  • Providing you entered them in correctly you will be presented with a Congratulations page.

Step 2b: Import from another wallet

  • Please use my guide here to export your private key from an existing wallet and then return to Step 3 of this guide.

Step 3: Add Harmony Network

  • A full guide from the harmony docs can be found here but I will break it down for you below.
  • Click on the network dropdown (top center). It will likely already say Etherium Network.
  • Click on Add Network and enter the following information.
  • Network Name: Harmony Mainnet
  • New RPC URL:
  • Chain ID: 1666600000
  • Currency symbol (optional): ONE
  • Block Explorer URL (optional):
  • Click Save.
  • You will now see the Harmony Network in the dropdown at the top. Make sure this is selected to be able to 1) see you assets and 2) interact with the harmony blockchain.

Step 4: Staking — Link your wallet

Now we get to the good part. Time to make some passive income.

  • Desktop: On Chrome or Brave Browser navigate to:
  • Mobile: Use the ‘In App Browser’ ( click the menu button to find this — Browser ) and navigate to:
  • Click ‘Sign In’ on the left hand side ( Mobile: click the three dots top-right to display menu ).
  • Click ‘Use an existing address’
  • Click ‘Use MetaMask’ — or click this link
  • Click ‘Sign In’ — blue button
  • You will now be prompted to choose your Account from a list ( if you have mutiple ). Select your desired wallet and click Next and then Connect.
  • Your wallet and the staking page are now linked!! You can confirm the link by click the Portfolio tab on the left. This will show you a summary of your wallet, staked, unstated, rewards etc.
  • If you operate multiple wallets you can change the wallet in which you are logged into the staking site quickly by switching it on the metamask wallet itself via the profile icon ( top right ).

Step 5: Sending and receiving ONE

Now that you are signed in, you will notice at the top left of the staking portal you can copy your ONE address ( Mobile: Click three dots top-right first to display side menu ). Use this to send funds directly to your wallet. Send a small test amount first.

Alternativly you can use the 0x address version which is native within Metamask: As we are using an etherium based wallet your default address is in the 0x format. Luckily the site allows you to convert this to a ONE address an vice versa. For more information please click the link to the official docs. For a simple breakdown please see below:

Sending TO Metamask from an exchange or third party wallet

  • You need to aquire the ONE version. Paste the 0x Metamask address into explorer and then click the ONE tab at the top. You will see the address convert itself to the ONE format. Copy this into your origin wallet. Please send a test amount first.

Sending FROM Metamask to an exchange or third party wallet

  • You need to aquire the 0x version of the exchange ONE address. Paste the exchange ONE address into explorer and click the ETH tab at the top. Copy this address into Metamask and make sure that the gas is set to 30 gwei on Metamask. Please send a test amount first.

6) Choose your validator

Now its time to choose the lucky validator. Click the validator tab on the left.

Scroll through the list of validators, order by uptimes, returns or simple use the search field to choose a specific validator. I have used my validator for demonstration purposes (direct link: Fortune.ONE ). Click on the validator of your choosing to be taken to their individual page.

You can review some more information about our validator such as Description, Commission, Uptime graphs and stake history. Its important to choose a validator who is socially active and contactable should the need arise. A bit of selfless plug, you can find me on all social platforms ( links below ).

For those unsure how the Commission/Fee % works. The fee comes out of the interest generated. For example if Fortune validator generates you 100 ONE in a week then 5 ONE will go to the validator and 95 ONE to yourself. This is important for the sustainability of nodes validators run (as well as giving even more incentive for us to get you the best rewards possible!). It is also worth noting that after 100 epochs from first election all validators are forced to a minimum of 5%

7) Stake

To stake with a validator you must now click the DELEGATE button (screenshot below). Please do NOT send funds to the validator address. I myself have returned many delegators ONE whom have sent it directly to my wallet.

You will now be prompted to enter the desired amount to stake. I make a general rule of thumb to leave 1 ONE unstaked. Fees are around 0.0001 but I feel it makes sense to always leave enough.

Click Next followed by ‘Confirm and Sign’. This will prompt your wallet to open up.

Confirm the tansaction on your MetaMask wallet popup. PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT CHANGE THE VALUE ON THE METAMASK POPUP. ← VERY IMPORTANT

You will now be greeted by the ‘Success’ message. Congratulations you have now staked your ONE.

8) Confirm stake

Click the Portfolio tab at the top left.

This will show you your total ONE, comprised of unstaked, staked, rewards. You will also see your chosen validators under ‘Delegations’.

9) Collect Rewards

Once you have accrued enough rewards to claim ( min 1 ONE ) the ‘Claim Rewards’ button will now be present and clickable.

Click Claim Rewards and confirm the transaction much the same as you did when you staked.

10) Top up your stake

Have your brought some more ONE or claimed some rewards? So long as you have a minium of 100 ONE you can now top up the stake. No need to undelegate first! The process is exactly the same as your first stake. It will then top up your total.

Other points

  • Rewards will start to accrue on the next epoch after you stake (between 0–24hrs time)
  • Unstaking will take 7 epochs to complete before the coins are unlocked.

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Fortune.ONE Validator on the Harmony mainnet