Shard 3 Validator Returns — Epoch 643

Some of you may have noticed that rewards were not quite as high in the last epoch (643).

Harmony were updating nodes and it caused the speed of shard 3 to go from a nice 2 seconds to 5 seconds.

What does this mean to you?

  • Rewards were slower in epoch 643.

What does this mean to the validator?

  • Unfortunately the uptime and average rewards took a hit.

How did this affect me (Fortune)?

  • I pride myself on my 100% uptime and competitive average returns. Unfortunately due to something completely out of my control both have been crushed in a few hours which I’m quite unhappy about. It’ll take 30 days for this to return on an average front.

Good news:

  • Harmony fixed the issue and speeds and dropped blocks have returned to normal.

Better news:

  • Those with me (Fortune) this epoch are getting amazing rewards. Many validators pulled off of shard 3 and underpopulated it which means more rewards for us.

I hope this helps reassure anyone who noticed and I hope this epoch returns make up for it

— Fortune Validator

Fortune.ONE Validator on the Harmony mainnet